Volunteer at night shelter (nightshifts, daily 8pm-0.30am)

Posted 28 Nov 2015

De Regenboog

Amsterdam (Refugees)


Refugees Welcome Amsterdam is of individuals which got together to provide easy support for refugees without being hindered by bureaucratic areas etc. Their goal is to “give a warm welcome” to refugees arriving in Amsterdam.

Nachtopvang: Night shelter for refugees next to centraal Station. On their way to the Application Center Ter Apel in Groningen many refugees arrive at in the late evening, after the last train North leaves. With an increasing amount of people having to spend the night at the train station, the Regenboog now offers in co-operation with the Protestant Parish a night shelter for these refugees located right next to Central.

Daily evening shifts from 20.00-0.30

How to Apply

More information:

direct contact Aukje Polder:

However, supposedly easier at the moment to organize a shift through the facebook initiative.