Long-term personal volunteer (2h/week)

Posted 29 Nov 2015


Amsterdam (Refugees)


“Ontmoet een vluchteling” or “Meet a refugee” is a platform created to give voice and attention to refugees in the Netherlands. It aims to break from the stereotypical image of the refugees while providing them with an opportunity to learn language and customs and to participate in society. They organize networking events including music and entertainment). On their Facebook page they promote their events as well as initiatives throughout the Netherlands.

Attending one of the events allows you to meet the refugees and engage with them. “Ontmoet een vluchteling” can put you in contact with individual people or families and you can then meet with them. The meetings can be: together a cup of coffee, take people out of a anyone provide a listening ear, making music together, walk, have lunch, talk, give language lessons...

Dutch is a requirement if you want to give language lessons

How to Apply

Website: http://www.ontmoeteenvluchteling.nl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ontmoeteenvluchteling/