Language buddy (2h/wk, Dutch)

Posted 28 Nov 2015

Stichting Vluchtelingen Werk Amstel tot Zaan (SVAZ)

Amsterdam (Refugees)

SVAZ is a large organization promoting the interests of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. SVAZ helps refugees and asylum seekers from the moment they enter the country, and throughout the procedure they attend. To this end, SVAZ has a vast array of social projects for which they are always in need of volunteers.

One of these projects is the language buddy project, in which a volunteer and a refugee/asylum seeker are matched. The idea is that you meet on a weekly basis, and that you help the particular client with the Dutch language. You can chat, help with homework, or simulate real-life situations.

Requirements Available at least two hours a week Dutch speaker


AUC student involved: Iris Loonen

How to Apply

Go to their website and apply.