Handyman/woman, translator, buddy, and more (flexible)

Posted 28 Nov 2015

ASKV Steunpunt Vluchtelingen

Amsterdam (Refugees)


ASKV Steunpunt Vluchtelingen supports predominantly 'uitgeprocedeerde' refugees, refugees whose asylum procedure was unsuccessful. They have been very influential both on a local and international level with their campaigns, research and lobbying. On a more individual level, this organization further provides housing and practical assistance to refugees; it is the only non-church-related organization which provides 'inloopuren' for refugees who have social or judicial questions.

ASKV is looking for klusjesmannen/vrouwen (for reparations, moving, etc).

The only other open position at the moment is translator, for which proficiency in Arabic, Russian, Farsi, Amharic, Somali or Tigrinya is required.

Other volunteer positions, which are temporarily not available, include:

  • buddy project: being matched with a refugee to do social activities together
  • juridical advice team, societal support team, campaign work, teaching Dutch

Positions that are currently not open for volunteer applications but may be later are the juridical advice team, societal support team, language teachers and campaign work.


AUC students involved:
Babs Kamsteeg & Mirthe Klein Haneveld

How to Apply

Volunteer opportunities vary and can be found at http://www.askv.nl/kom-in-actie/vrijwilligerswerk/

Since other volunteer opportunities are likely to open, we encourage you to simply contact them.