Volunteer (flexible)

Posted 28 Nov 2015

Taste Before You Waste

Amsterdam (Environment)


Taste Before You Waste is an initiative based at our very own dorms in Science Park, aiming to make people more conscious about the amount of good food that gets thrown away every day and to inform them about what can be done to prevent this. Working with small grocery shops in Amsterdam Zeeburg and with the help of young food-lovers, about 150 kg of food is saved from an early death each week. Four times a week one of the volunteers takes the “bakfiets” around our neighbourhood to collect food that would otherwise be discarded, because it does not look perfect enough to be sold. After the food is saved, it is taken to different charities in the neighbourhood, where the fruits and vegetables are given a second chance by being transformed into delicious meals for people to eat. Why not help out with the collection or distribution of food in our local neighbourhood!

How to Apply

Contact: info@TasteBeforeYouWaste.nl