Volunteer with children (>4h/week)

Posted 28 Nov 2015


Amsterdam (Local)


Don’t miss the great opportunity to be part of the exciting activities at AUCafé! During the day, the café hosts a AUC initiative called Jeugdlab, which strives to educate children about science and technology, by offering free and easily accessible activities for children aged 6 - 12, such as cola-mentos explosions and building erupting mini-volcanoes. Moreover, this programme ensures that we can use AUCafé during the year to have parties and get together! Time: You can volunteer on Wednesdays and Sundays, in 4-hour shifts. You get to work with children from around Science Park on projects and showcase experiments, as well as get to know more AUC students!

How to Apply

Contact: info@jeugdlab.org